Terms & Conditions
Minimum Order:
Nature’s Enhancement, Inc. is a wholesale nursery. To be able to offer exceptional plant quality, service, and wholesale prices, we do not require a minimum order for licensed nurseries, landscapers, or contractors. All others need to meet a minimum of $100.00 for each order placed. Gift certificates are also available throughout the year for a minimum of $100.00.
Placing an order:
In order for us to process your orders as quickly as possible, please have the following information available when you place your order: billing and shipping addresses, telephone and fax numbers, contact person’s name, approximate shipdate, and shipping directions.
Quantity Discounts:                                       
5%       Discount on orders greater than $2,500.00
7%       Discount on orders greater than $5,000.00
10%+   Discount on orders greater than $10,000.00
When full payment of invoice is received in our office within specified NET terms from date of shipment, these discounts will be applicable. The quantity discounts will be lost after 30 days on unpaid accounts.
Reserving plants:
For your convenience, we can tag your plants in advance of your shipdate. To ensure that your plants are reserved, we require a 1/3 plant material deposit. The deposit is due within 15 days after the order is placed. The balance on plant materials and all other charges are due in advance or NET 30 Days after delivery on pre-approved credit. If an order is canceled at no fault of Nature’s Enhancement, the client will lose their deposit.
Availability/Custom growing:
Our inventory is constantly being updated and changed. Please give us a call if you need plant material that is not on our list. We may have some available, or we can custom grow them for you. For your advantage, we also have the ability to put together large orders from a variety of different sources, and pass our wholesale prices on to you. This will save you precious time and resources. If you are interested in any of these services, please let us know.
We have the capacity to deliver your plants by numerous methods including: Common Carrier, Custom delivery by Nature’s Enhancement, Inc. or they can be picked up at our nursery. We do not charge for loading, but freight charges will be COD unless otherwise arranged.
Payment Methods:
Payment in Advance
            Without pre-approved credit, we require payment before shipping plant material.
Credit Application/Purchase Agreement
To obtain credit, we need to have an approved purchase agreement and credit application on file. This process normally takes two-three weeks. A 1.5% finance charge, or the highest rate allowed by law, will be assessed per month after 30 days on unpaid accounts and any quantity discounts will be lost. Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 fee.
An additional 2% discount will apply (with approved credit) if the final invoice is paid within 10 days.
Credit Cards  
Nature’s Enhancement, Inc., accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
We guarantee that stock leaving the nursery meets our high quality standards, and are true to their name. Claims must be made within 5 days, and at no time will we issue a refund for more than the amount paid for the plants. Credit will be issued if pictures of the plant material in question are mailed to our office within 2 weeks from when the problem was first noticed. The pictures must clearly reflect a stock problem at Nature’s Enhancement, Inc. 
We do not charge container deposits or give refunds on containers, but we will accept the containers back for recycling/reuse.  In an effort to further expand our positive environmental impact, we have developed a recycling program for our containers. Our nursery constantly strives to recycle all the containers brought back from our project sites and encourages our clientele to do the same. We offer project discounts as well as nursery credit for returned containers in good condition.                                                                     
Other Services:
In addition to plant production, we have expanded our ability to serve our clientele though our new landscape division.   With our expansion into landscaping, we offer complete design and consultation services as well as the installation of sprinkler systems, lawn, custom rock walls, and plant material. If you are interested in receiving our brochure detailing these services, or if you would like to obtain a free landscape estimate, please give us a call.