2016 Best of Montana Landscapes Award - 3rd Place Residental Landscape

While most kids spend their summers sleeping, watching TV, or playing video games, this son was perfecting his hardscape skills. It is rare that a 12-year old, can remove old decking, perform all the measurements and cuts, assist with lighting, concrete, and willingly, enthusiastically keep coming back for more.

The Stone Mountain development is located on a hill, so usable space is at a premium. The goal was to create an outdoor living space for year-round enjoyment. The project had to be worked on in stages; as there were parties and gatherings though-out the project time line.

The original deck was wood and was shedding splinters and paint flakes. The deck was redone in Trex, after running conduit under the existing joists for electrical and heating. A pad for the incoming hot tub, which had to be crane lifted over the roof, was installed. Lighting was added both on the house side for safety and to accent the existing trees. Additional flowers, grasses and a large aspen, was added to give the backyard color and privacy.

The Pergola was custom made out of steel, powder coated for longevity and will have a retracting shade for the scorching heat. Next, matching Trex stairs and a side granite table for phones and drinks were added to the hot tub. Matching propane fire bars were set in the wall.

Finally, a specially designed lever was added to the back of the hot tub, attached to a remote control electric winch that automatically lifts the bulky, curved hot tub cover. When open, this also provides privacy.
    2015 Best of Montana Landscapes Award - 1st Place Erosion Control Project
    This project is located in Sula, Montana on a private ranch.  While it may be considered a “Residential Landscape” it is also an Erosion Control Project.  The main house is located at the foot of a large sloped hill which accumulates a massive amount of snow, that ends up at the base of the house.

    The project was needed to increase the size of the landscaped yard while correcting the huge water/erosion issue that happens in the Spring.  The backyard was increased by cutting into the hillside, and the yard was re-done with positive drainage away from the house and the wall.  The goal was to give a rustic ranch feel, while giving the new landscape a much needed function and majestic feel at the same time.

    The retaining wall is made out of natural stone and spans over 150ft with the high points being just shy of 6ft.  The pieces range in size from 4500 lbs to hand fitted pieces at under a pound.  This project used over 186,000 pounds of natural stone.   Behind the retaining wall and within the main lawn there is a drainage system which collects the water and sends it away from the house.

    The water feature is built into the retaining wall, with a waterfall connecting the ponds.  There is a boulder for contemplation and a small beach for relaxation.  The overall landscape aesthetics of the wall, beds, and water feature were used to hide all of the drainage systems.