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Acer rubrum
Red Maple
This oval shaped tree is well adapted to city conditions and wet soils. Its smooth grey bark is accented by its reddish flowers in late Spring and is followed by red fruit. Its green leaves show spectacular bright red color in the fall.
Growth Rate:  Medium
Maximum Height: 40 ft.
Maximum Width: 40 ft.
Zone: 3-7
Type: Hardy
Flower Color: Red
Flower Time: April
  Plant Type:  Deciduous
Growth Habit:  Tree
Water Req.:  Medium-Wet
Light Req.:  Sun
Soil Req.:  Light-Medium
Plant Catalog classifications
Water Requirements (H20)
Wet = Saturate, withstands flood
Medium = Moist, requires good drainage
Dry = Drought tolerant, minimal water
Soil Types
Light = sandy
Medium = loam
Heavy = clay